For Brands
With Ambition

I tend to assume many roles: investigator, researcher, architect, designer, translator, user advocate, and builder.

With experience working with (and for) multiple agencies, I take on projects from the ground up beginning with client workshops followed by original design, leading to a final interactive product.

A Little About Dustan.

I Hope I'm Pronouncing that Correctly.

A little bit different.

I like to listen, question, push boundaries and seek out new possibilities giving you the best results for your project.

No half measures.

When I say that I go the extra mile for your project, I mean it. I will strive to create the best outcome for your project. Every time.

I’m honest.

I tell it like it is and am transparent with my clients. I believe this fosters great working relationships that lead to incredible results.

I’m always learning.

I consistently stay on top of the latest trends and standards. Finding new ways to refine my process means you always get my best work.

I partner with forward
thinking brands.