Triple Tree

Branding | Site Design

Triple Tree specializes in technical consulting, integrating existing systems with new software and components, and designing and engineering software solutions from scratch.

A digital-first approach to branding

I worked with Triple Tree to redesign their new website. The website needed to translate the brand values of passion, excellence and transparency into a digital strategy. The website had to be simple to use and intuitive whilst conveying a sense of adventure, professionalism, and confidence.

Indeed to live up to brand vision and values and embody Triple Tree we needed to take people on a journey online. Making the user experience as rich and dynamic as possible through interactive functionality, thought provoking imagery and emotive narrative.

Elevating product presentation

The final product was simple, sleek, and uniquely Triple Tree. The site features beautiful photography, sleek iconography, and a killer sense of confidence within each section. The sophisticated darks balance out the clean and spacious white sections. Throughout these sections are just the right amount of colors to pop and guide the user’s cursor as they navigate the pages.